Saturday, April 16, 2005

Bibles In the Ether

I had been planning to post about an add-on tool for e-Sword that I have found, which allows one to import some additional Bibles and make them available for use on the Tablet.

At the moment, though, there is quite a discussion going in the e-Sword group on Yahoo about the legality of using this tool, particularly with regard to the NIV. While I think that the tool is still useful and that the use of it is probably both legal and ethical as long as one follows some guidelines, I am going to hold off on that topic until later so that I can follow the discussion and think and pray about the issue.

Instead, I want to point out a couple of on-line Bible resources that do give you access to some additional translations and that I have found useful for filling in some translation gaps. Unfortunately, I still can't find a place with The Modern Language Bible (Revised Berkeley Translation) in any electronic form except for a Pocket PC or Palm Pilot. If anyone knows of this translation available electronically, please let me know.

The first of the two web sites I want to point out is called The Bible Gateway. The Bible Gateway is a portion of a larger on-line ministry called which has numerous types of resources available. The Bible Gateway is a collection of searchable Bibles, with 20 English translations, and one or more Bibles in each of 37 other languages. Among the English translations are the NIV, NASB, the Holman Christian Standard Bible, the King James Version, and the Amplified Bible. Some of the translations are available in an audio format as well. The URL for this site is

At The Bible Gateway, which has been in existence since 1993 by the way, you can search for passages by keyword and by passage reference, and you can search and browse by topic. There are a number of other resources on The Bible Gateway, too, such as study tools, commentaries, downloadable PDF Bibles for a dozen non-English languages, and dictionaries.

The commentary authors include Calvin, Wesley, Darby, Spurgeon, Matthew Henry (concise and complete), Luther, Wesley, and J. Vernon McGee, as well as several others. They are a little buried on the site, though. The link directly to these commentaries is The on-line dictionaries are Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary, Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary, and Smith's Bible Names Dictionary.

Quite a lot of good stuff here.

The other on-line Bible resource that I want to mention is Like, it is more than just a Bible resource site and these other aspects are worth exploring.'s Bible search page allows for the searching of 22 English translations and the Latin Vulgate. As far as I know, no other languages are available here.

In addition to Bible searches, the site hosts 11 commentaries with a degree of overlap with The Bible Gateway's commentaries. Among the distinct commentaries this site hosts are Scofield's 1917 reference notes, the People's New Testament, and Robertson's Word Pictures of the New Testament. Crosswalk has all the dictionaries that the Bible Gateway has, plus three additional ones.

In addition, Crosswalk hosts an encyclopedia, Greek and Hebrew Lexicons, four concordances, several histories, and other types of references and helps including a two translation parallel Bible for searches where the user gets to pick the two translations.

Although there is significant overlap in the resources offered on these two sites, both are worthy additions to your browser's favorites list if you are interested in Bible Study. Both also can provide the source text for independent Bible study on your Tablet as I discussed in The Student, the Fish, Agassiz and the Tablet.

If anyone knows of other such on-line Bible resources (especially if it has the MLB!) please leave a comment and let us know. With so much garbage on the Internet, it is nice to know that there are such worthwhile sites as well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you been to Rob Bushway's site?

Lot's of good TPC bible resources.

Welcome to, the home of Tablet PC enabled books and bibles. We feature books and bibles that have been specially formatted and designed for study and notetaking: wide margins, double spacing, highlighting, marking up, etc. These books are formatted to work only in GoBinder and Plan Plus For Windows . We've had over 10,000 downloads since June, 2004!


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Anonymous DRDay said...

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and you might want to check it out as well.

In His Service,

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