Friday, March 04, 2005

What's This?

I'm a regular member of TabletPCBuzz (, which I consider the best source for information on Tablet PCs around. I noticed there that a large number of the members were Christians. The TabletBible ( as far as I know came about because of discussions there. Since public forums like that tend to degenerate too rapidly into flaming and antagonism, I decided to start a blog to foster discussions specifically about the benefits I have found at church from my Tablet PC. I hope it will provide a place for the genteel and considerate discussion of these topics and one where we can all learn to get the most of this marvelous tool in our places of worship. While started by and for Christians, the practitioners of other faiths are more than welcome. The only request is that we keep to the topic and not get off onto dogma, doctrine, or denomination. I'll post more over the next few days, as family, church, and work obligations allow, and share with you some of the ways I have found my Tablet useful as a Christian, worshiper, and Sunday School teacher.


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